Our Map 2016

We plan to have our maps printed shortly, and are in the process of securing advertising spots to fund the venture. We will be distributing over 10,000 printed maps to local businesses and providing counter stands. By collaborating with local hotels and business locations all around the city, our maps will be naturally distributed to visitors looking for directions.

Our advertising doesn’t end here, we will write an informative article for your business and take professional photography of your premises, the map will direct people to make use of our new website www.xplra.com to discover what you do in greater detail.

We are already underway filling the site full of useful and informative information on local walks and tourist attractions and aim to become a go-to resource for both locals and tourists.

As this is our first print run the cost will be 2 blocks for $400 or 1 block for $250

If you purchase spots on our 2016 map we will include lifetime advertising on www.xplra.com, plus ongoing rotated promotion across social network sites. We would love to chat so we can discuss the advertising options available to your business and encourage you to fill out the contact form so we can get in touch.

Certain industries can purchase exclusive advertising, where no other competing business will be added to the map, so contact us early so that we can secure your position before we go to print.


Hello, pleased to meet you. I run XPLRA.COM and am a web designer available for hire at egginton.ca

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