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Torbay Point

  • 829
Length in KM 2
Time Taken 50
Type moderate
Loop? no

An easy path takes you to the stunning views offered at Torbay Point / The Bight. The more adventurous will want to take the steps down all the way to the tip of the outcrop, these are very steep with cliffs either side of you. The less brave can stay at the top and enjoy the stunning views before heading back. This is a section of the east coast trail and can be extended considerably following “coblers path” all the way to Red Cliff which we will be publishing as a separate walk shortly.

This is a great spot for whale watching, If you are lucky you can even hear the sounds the whales make reverberating from the surrounding cliffs.

The East Coast Trail have a parking lot at the top of Doran’s Lane in Outer Cove. A boardwalk will take you through the woods until you reach the ocean. When you see the ocean, head left onto Torbay Point the pathway that heads right and upwards will eventually take you to Red Cliff and is a much longer hike.

This pathway has quite a few opportunities for Geo-caching. This Bight is easy to get to, close to the city, and one of the most stunning open ocean views on the East Coast Trail system, you really have no excuse not to visit this spot. Most days you will find that walking on the Bight is often Extremely windy as it is jets out into the ocean, make sure you wear appropriate clothing.

Map below includes taking the steep steps down to the very tip of the Bight. Retrace your steps back to your vehicle.

Total distance: 1072 m

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