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The Spout – The Hard Way

  • 848
Length in KM 22
Time Taken 12
Type Strenuous
Loop? no

The spout trail is one of the most rewarding trails I have ever done. The scenery is stunning, we saw a humpback whale, eagles and a moose – and then we came to the Spout itself which is a wave powered geyser. This walk is very long and strenuous, and shouldn’t be attempted if you are not a competent hiker.

Most people who hike to the Spout use the access road, or walk the prettier way from bay bulls and camp at the spout before returning. We however did neither of these options, and opted to walk to the spout from bay bulls and then back in one day. This makes the walk 22KM in total, a full days strenuous hiking, however it does mean that you don’t have to carry a tent with you, and you don’t have the logistical issues of returning to where you parked your car should you decide to walk straight through back along the access path.

I would not recommend this option unless you are confident you can complete it. we left out house at 8:00am and returned, tired, weary and sore at 7:30pm. We will be completing the other ways to the Spout this summer so stay tuned for alternative routes. The map below shows the approximate path we took ONE WAY.

Total distance: 10541 m

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