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Signal Hill – North Head

  • 850
Length in KM 4
Time Taken 90
Type difficult
Loop? yes

If you do just one walk in Newfoundland, this should be it.

The North Head trail captures the colour and the ruggedness of Newfoundland by melding the colours of the city with scenic vistas of steep cliffs, and seemingly endless ocean, wrapped up in a strenuous 1:30 round trip back to your car.

Park at the visitors centre, where washrooms and cafe are available. The road will actually take you directly through the car park (or you can keep going up and park at Cabot Tower). Walk up to Cabot tower, and follow the North Head trail.

Total distance: 4166 m

The trail gives 2 alternative endings, either along the road, or a “make your own adventure” pathway back behind the visitors centre, the second option is not an official trail but is well used so shouldn’t be too difficult to follow.

You can enjoy this walk using google maps street view above by dragging the yellow man onto the trail for a taster of what the real adventure will by like. This walk contains narrow pathways and steep cliffs and is not to be attempted in adverse conditions. Much of the trail will not be child friendly. Due to the huge number of steps you will be climbing, you should be fairly fit for this one!

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