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Burnt Head Loop, Cupids

  • 807
Length in KM 2.6
Time Taken 40
Type moderate
Loop? yes

Cupids is one of the earliest settlements on the Island, the beautiful little area is well worth exploring. Todays walk is the popular Burnt Head Loop, you can park your car near Cupids Haven (A fantastic place to stay, with the added benefit of having a cafe/restaurant for after your walk) you will find it easy enough to park near the graveyard at the top of Burnt Head Loop.

Proceed down the track and head right a few hundred meters down where the trail forks. Proceed around 1 KM where you will head left on the trail that will take you down past some beautiful coves, some meadows, and an impressive sea arch. After the sea arch you will need to pick up the trail that heads back to your car, so lookout for the pathway that heads left back into the woods, and avoid the one that continues around the coastline which will increase the distance of your walk considerably (we will add this walk later)

The trail is worn in a few places, and can be wet and muddy in areas, so wear appropriate footwear. The walk is fairly easy with fantastic views throughout. Washrooms and refreshments at the Cupids Haven highly recommended. You will also find a few stores, visitors centre, archaeological dig, and children’s playground in Cupids, which is only a few minutes drive from where you have parked.

Total distance: 2578 m

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