Xplra Launches

Our vision is to create a community and tourism website for St John’s Newfoundland that captures the cities vibrant colour and energy. We don’t want to be “just another site”, we want to write detailed articles, take stunning photography and explore things in Newfoundland that you just didn’t know existed.

Our focus to begin the site will be to inform tourists, providing a healthy dose of local knowledge so that they can plan their visit. The site will allow them to find activities, shops and walks from their phone. We even provide walking directions to get to each attraction.

We would love your suggestions! you can submit a listing to the site, however we will usually visit the location and write up our own article and take photos before it went live.

Although the content on the site is currently limited we are super excited to launch our website, and embark on the long road ahead.


Hello, pleased to meet you. I run XPLRA.COM and am a web designer available for hire at egginton.ca

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