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Seals Cove to Shoe Cove

  • 1023
Length in KM 6.6
Time Taken 200
Type difficult
Loop? no

This trail can be tricky in places, with lots of undulating terrain. If possible have a car parked at either side of the trail. To make this hike more manageable we are entering using an access road at Seals Cove (off satellite road) you will find a small parking area for the eat coast trail suitable for about 6 vehicles. This will allow you to enter onto stiles cove path and will cut a considerable number of KM off the walk. The second picture is taken just a short way after you get off the access path onto the east coast trail, so if you do not wish to do the whole hike you can still easily get to see some fantastic scenery.

Shoe cove is a fantastic ending to this walk with a really pretty bridge, and an accessible cove that you can enjoy before walking up shoe cove road to end the walk. We will add some more walk options that end in shoe cove shortly.

Please note that this trail map bellow is approximate and likely does not follow the trail exactly. Once you are on the path though it is fairly easy to just keep following it with no real opportunities to go the wrong way.

Allow plenty of time for this walk as it is surprisingly slow going. Look out for seals on the rocks, bald eagles nesting and of course whales in the ocean.

Total distance: 6075 m

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