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Fort Amhurst – Freshwater Bay

  • 1950
Length in KM 8
Time Taken 180
Type Strenuous
Loop? no

Looking for a challenging walk close to the city? The start of this walk will provide you with the most amazing views of St John’s looking across the harbour, the walk starts near Fort Amhurst, and heads up on a very rocky and difficult path with very steep elevation. The bad news is the path to freshwater bay has constant inclines and declines, making the path slow going and strenuous. We recommend using the escape path near Freshwater bay (see map) and having another vehicle waiting at this point so you don’t need to double up the climbs!

We walked to Freshwater Bay and retraced our steps, if you decide to do that then make sure you have plenty of supplies and don’t underestimate the difficulty of the trail.

Freshwater Bay is home to a primitive ECT campsite, and even more primitive ECT toilet for those wishing to camp at this spot.

When we walked this we saw plenty of icebergs drifting in the waters, it was a beautiful spring day so we met lots of other hikers exploring the trails.

The escape path at Freshwater Bay takes you to a small parking lot on Blackhead road, the path is easy to find (just take the path that doesn’t cross the bay) and it will lead you up an easy and gently incline.

This Access path is an easy alternative to view Freshwater Bay without the hard hiking, it is also useful as an entry point if you plan to walk to Blackhead. Both of these hike options we will add to the site shortly.

Total distance: 6570 m

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