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Flatrock Waterfall

  • 708
Length in KM 1
Time Taken 20
Type moderate
Loop? no

Park at the Church in Flatrock. Cross the road from the church and walk upwards to Hickeys Ln. Walk down hickeys lane and pickup the trail at the bottom, follow the trail around until you see the waterfall This wont take long, its only about 5 mins walk. Follow the pathway and steps, and walk across the rocks, The waterfall is tucked behind a slight cliff.

Once you see the waterfall continue walking the trail following the river and falls up to a bridge which is again a short walk. The whole path shows different parts of the falls. The walk is part of the east coast trail, you can continue into a hike up to another 15KM.

You may wish to cross the bridge and walk the east coast trail approximately 1KM to a viewpoint that takes you onto rocks overlooking the ocean.

Total distance: 1005 m

Map above follows the trail to the bridge.

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